F.I.R Registered Against Those Who Leak Songs Of Sidhu Moosewala, One Arrested But Forgiven By Sidhu’s Mother

As we see after the death of Sidhu Moose Wala Many people Started Releasing Unreleased songs of Sidhu Even After a Humble Request by Sidhu’s Parents & his team. But Still Many people were doing it for such views and fame. 

Recently SYL was get leaked on 20.06.2022 which become a reason to release it officially on his Channel. Now To tackle this situation Sidhu Moosewala’s Parents & team Started registering F.I.R Against Those people who are leaking this song or involved in such activities. Sidhu’s Team share Copies of all pages of F.I.R On its official Instagram of Sidhu.

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And You Remember Sidhu’s Song Dear Mama? The same thing is related to it which shows how humble his parents are. After the Registration of F.I.R, One Person was arrested for leaking/involvement in leaking Sidhu’s song but that person was forgiven by Sidhu’s Mother……. But Team Sidhu Said they, Will, not forgive anyone from now.

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