Fact Check: Sidhu Moosewala Name on Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Viral News

We all know that the Success that Sidhu Moosewala achieved in his life cannot be achieved by anyone else. It is rumoured that Sidhu Moosewala’s Name has been inducted into the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” from which Many pictures of which also came to light.


It’s not wrong at all to trust this type of news, We all know Hollywood has a close relationship with Sidhu & There are many fans of Sidhu who are trying to give their best to tribute to him. Same It is reported by us with true evidence on which we came with fact.

image 2022 06 21 135312787
Pic Of fan Mani Sandhu

The truth is that the Hollywood Walk of Fame can be photographed temporarily at a cost of $30. It was presented by Moosewala fan Mani Sidhu, yes it is Mani Sidhu who also paid tribute to Sidhu in Time Square. And in Actual, it cost approx. $55,000 after selection to get an engraved name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

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