Family Values Shine: CCI’s $500,000 Pledge Lights the Path for Community Health

At the heart of every community are the families and businesses that pour love, effort, and resources into ensuring it thrives. Leading this philanthropic charge in our region is Garry Sangha, the dynamic CEO of the Family Group. Sangha recently emphasized the intrinsic bond between Crystal Consulting Inc. (CCI) and the community it serves.

Punjabi Duo Garry Sangha & Kuldeep Singh Chauhan Gift $500,000 to Canadian Hospital.

In a benevolent move that has resonated deeply within the community, CCI has committed an impressive $500,000 to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s South Asian Health initiative. This generous pledge isn’t just about the money; it’s an affirmation of Sangha’s belief in the intertwined destinies of businesses and their communities. As a result of this commitment, a waiting room in the hospital’s Acute Care Tower will don the CCI moniker, ensuring that its spirit of giving back becomes an integral part of the healing process.

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Jeff Norris, the esteemed President and CEO of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, couldn’t contain his admiration for the pledge. “In CCI, we see a beacon of philanthropic excellence. When esteemed families like the Sanghas and Chohans come forward with such warmth, they aren’t just contributing funds; they are setting a gold standard for community involvement,” Norris mentioned.

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The Family Group isn’t a newcomer to the noble cause of giving back. Their legacy of contributions to revered establishments like the Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Canucks for Kids Fund, The Food Bank, and the City of Backpacks for Kids Program stands testimony to their unyielding commitment to community welfare.

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Echoing these sentiments, Jack Froese, the respected Mayor of the Township of Langley, praised the family’s long-standing efforts. “Ajit, Garry, and Chohan aren’t just business magnates. They are pillars of our community, consistently giving back and setting a stellar example.”

Garry Sangha Kuldeep Singh

The Family Group’s dedication doesn’t end there. The CCI Group Mental Health Society, an arm of the Family Group, has been tireless in its pursuit of better mental health awareness and support. Not even a pandemic could dampen their spirit; after a brief COVID-induced hiatus, the society is all set to hold its Second Annual Golf Tournament on June 21. The funds raised will bolster various mental health initiatives, with an ambitious goal to muster $1,000,000 by 2025.

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