Fir Lodged

Diljit Dosanjh Who is Mega star Artist and singer . Diljit Dosanjh’s program was organized on 17th April at Lovely Professional University, Phagwara.



Now this event seems to be surrounded by controversies. In this case, the Phagwara police have registered a case against the company organizing the night and the pilot of the chauffeur who brought Daljit.The Phagwara police, while registering the case, said that the time taken by the company that organized Diljit Dosanjh’s night was one hour more than the time taken for the event. Apart from this, the place where the pilot of the chauffeur had taken permission to land.

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he has landed the chauper at some other place of his own free will, which is in violation of the instructions of SDM Phagwara, due to which this action has been taken and a case has been registered.

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