“GaddimiGayika” EP tracklist announced

Recently, the tracklist of Simran Kaur Dhadli’s EP “Gadmigayika” has been announced in which we will hear 5 songs which are all written by Simran herself.
*Marr Tan Ni Gaye
*Paisa Poosa


But this time we will get to hear different music in this EP like Avvy sirra’s music who we have been listening to the amazing songs and San B music is worthy of admiration and also Mr. Rubal music. We will also hear the music of music producer Nixon who has given music in almost all the songs of Simran in this EP.

Along with the music, we can see a very different concept in the video as the videos have been made by different video directors such as Be2gether pros which were quite different along with this we also hear music from Jasan Bros., Gurjant Panesar and Hb visuals.

Now the curiosity for the release of EP has increased but no information has been shared on its release date yet.


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