Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi denies connection with Babu Maan in second interview

In a recent interview with ABP channel, notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has denied any association with singer Babu Maan. Bishnoi clarified that while he had met Maan’s son Mankirat several times during their university days, he did not have a personal relationship with the musician.

This second interview with Bishnoi has shed further light on the alleged connections between gangsters and celebrities in India, with many now questioning the extent of these relationships. The recent controversy surrounding the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has brought these issues to the forefront, with many speculating about the influence of powerful individuals on the lives and careers of Bollywood stars.

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While Bishnoi’s denial of ties with Babu Maan may put to rest some of these rumors, the larger issue of criminal involvement in the entertainment industry continues to be a matter of concern for many. As investigations into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death continue, it remains to be seen whether the truth behind the actor’s tragic end will ever be fully revealed.

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