Geet MP3 Unveils Official Poster of ‘Tufang,’ Starring Guri, Rukshar Dhillon and Jagjit Sandhu

In an exciting update for Punjabi film enthusiasts, music and movie production house Geet MP3 has released the official poster for its forthcoming film, ‘Tufang.’ The announcement has generated a wave of anticipation among fans, with Guri, Rukshar Dhillon, and Jagjit Sandhu set to light up the screen in lead roles.The visually appealing poster showcases a sneak peek of the film’s aesthetic and a glimpse into the intriguing narrative that awaits viewers. While the detailed plot remains under wraps, the vibrant portrayal hints at an engaging blend of drama, action, and heart-touching storytelling, elements that Punjabi cinema is often lauded for.

The stellar ensemble cast is a major highlight, featuring a mix of seasoned performers and promising talents. Guri, the renowned Punjabi singer known for his sensational hits like ‘Yaar Beli’ and ‘Golden Rang,’ makes his way back to the big screen, promising a compelling performance. Rukshar Dhillon, the beautiful actress noted for her roles in movies like ‘Bhangra Paa Le,’ adds her charm and acting prowess to the film. Accompanying them is Jagjit Sandhu, a versatile actor who has delivered impactful performances in films like ‘Rupinder Gandhi: The Gangster..?’

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Adding to the excitement, Geet MP3 has confirmed that the teaser for ‘Tufang’ will be released tomorrow, providing audiences with a closer look at the movie’s essence. It will further stoke anticipation for the film, offering glimpses into the performances, setting, and storyline.’Tufang’ is scheduled to hit cinemas on 21st July 2023, marking a significant addition to this year’s Punjabi cinema calendar. With its mix of popular and skilled performers, a reputable production house, and an intriguing first look, the film promises to be a captivating experience for viewers. The coming weeks will undoubtedly see a crescendo of excitement as we edge closer to the movie’s release date.

Keep your eyes peeled for the imminent teaser and prepare for a captivating cinematic journey this summer with ‘Tufang.’

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