Gippy Grewal and Binnu Dhillon Take a Charitable Detour, Support Anmol Kwatra’s NGO During ‘Carry On Jatta 3’ Promotions

In a society where celebrities often wield significant influence, every act of generosity sends a powerful message. Renowned Punjabi actors Gippy Grewal and Binnu Dhillon embodied this principle during the promotion of their upcoming film, “Carry On Jatta 3”. Turning the spotlight away from their cinematic endeavors momentarily, the duo decided to contribute to Anmol Kwatra’s non-governmental organization (NGO), ‘Ek Zaria’, dedicated to aiding underprivileged communities.

Gippy Grewal, one of the most prominent figures in Punjabi cinema, and Binnu Dhillon, a beloved comedian, have always been known for their vibrant on-screen personas. Yet, their off-screen deeds highlight the depth of their commitment to the communities they represent. Taking time off their busy promotional schedule, the actors made a significant contribution to ‘Ek Zaria’ and spent quality time with the people it supports.

‘Ek Zaria’, an NGO led by the relentless social worker Anmol Kwatra, is known for its wide-ranging initiatives aimed at uplifting needy individuals and families. The organisation provides food, clothing, education, and medical assistance to those in dire need, working tirelessly to ensure a dignified existence for them.

Grewal and Dhillon’s decision to support ‘Ek Zaria’ is a testament to their philanthropic spirits and shared commitment to social responsibility. Both actors spent the day at the NGO, actively participating in its operations. They served food, interacted with the beneficiaries, and even performed an impromptu comedy act that had everyone in fits of laughter.

This act of giving was not just limited to their time and effort. The duo announced a significant monetary donation to ‘Ek Zaria’ during their visit. The funds will be utilized to further the organization’s mission of alleviating poverty and ensuring a better life for the less fortunate. Their generous contribution has been warmly welcomed by Anmol Kwatra and the team at ‘Ek Zaria’, who acknowledged that it would greatly assist their ongoing initiatives.

The actors’ visit to ‘Ek Zaria’ comes at a crucial time. As they traverse the country promoting ‘Carry On Jatta 3’, their stopover at the NGO has garnered widespread attention, highlighting the pressing needs of underprivileged communities. By aligning their star power with a social cause, Grewal and Dhillon have not only reinforced their commitment to giving back but have also set a precedent for others in the industry.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of ‘Carry On Jatta 3’, it’s worth acknowledging the off-screen heroics of its stars. While their on-screen antics may provide us with much-needed laughter and entertainment, their actions off the silver screen remind us of the real-world issues that need our attention. Gippy Grewal and Binnu Dhillon have indeed proven that the reel and real-life can intersect in the most beautiful and inspiring ways.

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