Gippy Grewal Shared Dare Devil Moment of “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” Film

Superstar Gippy Garewal who is well known for his singing and acting currently share his most dare-devil moment in an interview. he said there was a time when he was on the shoot of the movie ‘Lucky Di Unlucky Story, At the beginning of that movie we have to shoot on the helicopter, he said he was excited because he never rides on slick before the shoot and thought that the work is just a cup of tea for him but it was too much difficult task.

moreover, when gippy comes out of the flying helicopter he gets nervous and just goes back inside the chopper. After some time there was a call from his sippy that come outside and shoot the scene because they pay 8 lakh for just a few hours .

Everyone wants to become a celebrity or become famous but the artist does lots of hard work to get success, on screen we all think that they live lavish and tension free life but in reality, they do lots of struggle to get success

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