Grand Parents Dont Allow in Annual Funtion Khanna Green Grove Public School

A new kind of news is in the limelight, where
during the annual function at Green Grove Public School in Khanna’s Mohanpur, the school management has created a new controversy. Where, the school principal banned the entry of children’s grandparents in the annual event. It has been considered as a kind of insult to elders.

A case has been registered, after which police are taking the statements of school principal and staff to know more about this. They say this happened that there was an annual event in the said school. Grandparents of the children were banned from attending this event. The remaining written notice was given to the children that the invitation letter is for parents only. No relatives or grandparents can attend the function. However, principal said that this duty was imposed by the District education officer.

Meanwhile, the school management has written on the notice board that grandparents can come. A report of this matter has been prepared and sent to the District Education Officer,So that they can take the next action.

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