Harvinder Sidhu Releases Arjan Dhillon’s Shelved Track

In a surprising turn of events, Harvinder Sidhu, the brains behind the revered Brown Studio, unveiled a track by Arjan Dhillon that never saw the light of day in its intended album. Fans of Dhillon have always been eager for more of his melodious hits, and this sudden release surely has them excited.

Taking to Instagram, Sidhu expressed that while the song was close to their hearts, it couldn’t find a spot in the official album for reasons undisclosed. However, the desire to share the music with fans overpowered, leading to today’s unexpected release.

Brown Studio, known for its association with several big names in the music industry, has once again underscored its commitment to its fanbase by releasing this track. It’s a testament to their belief that good music deserves to be heard, regardless of commercial logistics or album constraints.

Fans have since flooded the comment section, appreciating the gesture and pouring their love for the track. Many have expressed their curiosity about why such a gem was left out in the first place. Yet, the overarching sentiment remains one of gratitude.

As the track continues to gain traction online, it’s clear that the collaboration between Harvinder Sidhu’s Brown Studio and Arjan Dhillon remains a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s the original hits from the album or surprise releases like this one, the audience is always in for a treat.

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