Humble Team New Beginning As They Launch Their First Youtube Channel Dedicated To Religion – Humble Aastha.

A beautiful step has been taken by famous Humble motion pictures, they are introducing a new channel “Humble Astha” which will be a new journey of spirituality and divinity. This amazing step will be open many hearts to goodness and kindness. Humble motion pictures is already doing terrific work and entertaining people. However, this new beginning with “Humble Astha” will help so many people with their life.

Gurpreet Ghuggi shared a video in which he told about Humble Astha channel. This channel will definitely take you on historic journey. This new journey will be starting with the Japji sahib and releasing on 13 November, 2022 at 8 AM only on Humble Astha youtube channel. The historic knowledge will be shared on this channel and people will certainly feel more connect to god and themselves. This is a new beginning starting by Humble picture motion to share peace with people.Humble picture motion starting a new journey to provide peace and historic knowledge apart from their comedy movies.

First Bhagan From Humble Aastha is Here

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