Hyderabad Restaurant Named India’s Biggest Mandi Plate After Sonu Sood

We all know about the famous actor Sonu Sood who is also known for his humanitarian work. During the covid 19 pandemic, people suffered too much at that time he helped many common people with food, providing medical assistance and so many other facilities.


He emerged as a hero among many of the audience. Recently he posted a picture on Instagram where he was honoured by a restaurant in Hyderabad. it is an indias biggest plate, on the name of actor Sonu Sood.


In his picture, he gave the cation” India’s biggest plate is now named after me”. Being a vegetarian guy who eats little food cant have a plate on his name that caters to 20 people at a time.


the name of the restaurant is Gismat Mandi near kondapur, Hyderabad. so the team of Sirf Punjabiyat congratulated him on his new restaurant.

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