Income Tax Raid On Singer Ranjit Bawa & Kanwar Grewal , Pics Inside

On a daily bases, we hear the news about celebrities and big businessmen that the income tax department raided their houses when they doubt someone.


So here there is big news for you all the income tax department raided the house of a Punjabi singer and actor Ranjit Bawa.


Bawa is known for their songs sardarni, impress, yaari Chandigarh walleye, Kangan and many more, moreover, he also did films like Mr and Mrs 420, vekh Barata chliya, toofan Singh etcetera. however, the 4 locations of the artist have been raided by Income Tax.


Out of which one was raided at his PA Deputy Vohra’s house at Batala and one at the Chandigarh office and 2 at his own house one at Batala and another at village Wadala Granthiyan near his Batala. From the sources, it is also known that an income tax department raided the house of those celebrities who participated or we said they contributed to the farmer’s protest and Ranjit Bawa is one of them.


The famous Sufi singer Kanwar Grewal is a well-known personality in the Punjabi industry and people like him a lot and also like to listen to his song. He is famous for their songs Masta, fakeera, cash, Ishq bullet nu and many others. however, there is news for their fans that the income tax department raided the Ranjit Bawa house and the house of Kanwar Grewal is also raided.


The house of Kanwar is raided by the national investigation industry (NIA). Meanwhile, the team reached the artist’s apartment in Mohali sector 104. Grewal’s house is being raided by (IT). Meanwhile, the team reached the artist’s apartment in Mohali. According to sources, many Punjabi singers are under investigation by the NIA. It is also a need that some time ago, the agency of investigation got information that some of the singers are investing the money of the gangsters in the music industry and converting their black money into white.Also, NIA sources said that the raid is a part of the agency’s investigation and also there is a guideline for the Grewal house and Grewal apartment that stay indoors till further order.

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