India Directs Canada to Withdraw 40 Diplomats Following Trudeau’s Controversial Remarks

In an unprecedented move amidst escalating tensions, the Indian government has instructed Canada to withdraw approximately 40 of its diplomats by October 10. This development comes in the wake of comments made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, suggesting a potential connection between New Delhi and a Canadian Sikh. India has further cautioned that diplomatic immunity may be revoked for those who choose to stay beyond the stipulated date.

Background of the Controversy

The rift between the two nations deepened after Prime Minister Trudeau hinted at a possible link between the Indian government and a Canadian Sikh individual. The details of this alleged connection remain undisclosed, but it has been enough to strain the traditionally cordial relationship shared between India and Canada.

A Strong Response from India

India’s decision to ask Canada to pull out a significant number of its diplomats is a reflection of the deep displeasure felt by New Delhi regarding Trudeau’s remarks. By potentially revoking diplomatic immunity for those who stay back, the Indian government is sending a clear message about its stance on the issue.

While diplomatic spats between nations aren’t uncommon, the removal of such a large number of diplomats is a rare and significant step. This move underscores the gravity with which India views the comments made by the Canadian Prime Minister.

Impact on Bilateral Relations

The diplomatic row poses questions about the future of Indo-Canadian relations. Both nations share historical ties, mutual interests in trade, education, and global diplomacy. However, such incidents have the potential to create long-term rifts, hampering cooperation in various sectors.

A Call for Dialogue

Several international observers have called for dialogue between the two nations to de-escalate the situation. Given the mutual benefits that both countries derive from a stable and cooperative relationship, open communication will be essential to navigate these turbulent waters.


The unfolding diplomatic crisis between India and Canada serves as a reminder of the delicacy of international relations. How both nations handle the situation in the coming days will set the tone for their bilateral ties in the foreseeable future. It remains to be seen if the two countries can move past this disagreement and restore their historically friendly ties.

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