Instagram Influencer Gauri Virdi’s Car Confiscated by Punjab Police Over Risky Stunt

Instagram sensation Gauri Virdi, who enjoys a large following of over 1 million subscribers, recently found herself at odds with the Punjab Police due to her unconventional celebration. Virdi, a renowned modelling influencer from Punjab, faced repercussions for her audacious attempt to celebrate her social media milestone.

To commemorate her achievement of hitting 1 million followers, Virdi shared a video reel on her Instagram profile. The clip showed her perched on the hood of her Mahindra Thar, clutching a golden ‘1M’ helium balloon as the car moved along a road. The daring stunt, although gaining popularity among her followers, caught the attention of Punjab Police who deemed it a breach of safety and traffic regulations.

Acting swiftly, the police seized Virdi’s vehicle and issued her a stern warning. The authorities are conducting further investigations and the influencer could face potential charges. The police emphasized that their decision to impound Virdi’s vehicle is not just a punitive measure, but also an attempt to educate influencers and the general public about road safety and the importance of adhering to traffic rules.

The incident underscores the potential risks of dangerous actions performed for online popularity, serving as a wake-up call not only for Virdi but for other influencers and their followers. Engaging in such unsafe activities for digital content can endanger not just the creators themselves, but also pose a significant risk to others. This decisive action by the Punjab Police reaffirms that no individual, regardless of their online fame, is above the law.

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