“Ishq- Jazbaat-Safar” Album By Harsh Tatla , Review Inside

Harsh Tatla is quite famous in punjabi music industry for his lyrics and singing. He is in music industry at his very young age. Recently he released his album Ishq- Jazbaat-Safar (The poetries) basically these are poetries written by him, album of poetry and Music is done by iris music.

First poetry is called “end of the year”, written by Harsh Tatla. This poetry is a feeling, people will definitely relate it with their lives. Harsh certainty wrote and spoke it from his heart, 2022 year explaining in this poetry.

“Just you” this poetry is also written and performed by Harsh himself. A romantic poetry that will win the hearts of people.It’s like background music is giving it more energy. The conversation between two lovers.

“Tolerate enough”, it’s like the name of this poetry is saying about it all. Harsh definitely wrote and put his all feelings into this. He says people with patience always wins.

“Extra special” music is amazing and poetry with it is like cherry on cake. Well people with broken heart will relate it with their lives.

“Ishq”, this is a peaceful poetry for lovers and music to ears. Harsh wrote and spoke about love, Sound so satisfying and loving.This will bring close to your loved ones.

“Notorious Adore”, this is the last poetry of one minute. Its like he wrote quality. It seems like he said everything in that one minute. Harsh gave his best and music produced perfectly by Iris music, which is filling more emotions into it.

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