“Jai Hind Jai Hind” New Song Announced By Little Star Bismaad Singh , Music & Composed By Sachin Ahuja , Details Inside

The new song “ Jai hind Jai Hind” is announced which is sung by Bismaad Singh and written by Manpreet Kesar. The composer and music in this song are done by Sachin Ahuja.Firstly if we talk about Sachin Ahuja, is a music composer and producer who also sang many songs like Jaan Jaan, Mirza and many others. not only he is a musician but also get many awards like Punjabi Music Award, Punjab Rattan Award and the Mirchi Music award.

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So, the singer Bismaad Singh is already sung songs like “menu Nind Badi hi Aundi hai and Teri Qurbani “where also the music is done by the famous Sachin Ahuja.As the song is Jai Hind and it is a slogan of our Indians. However, it is very important to teach our kids about the value of our nation and now it is sung by the little star Bismaad Singh and surely like his other song this will also be liked by the audience.

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