Jasmine Sandlas Announces Upcoming EP ‘Rude’, Set to Drop on August 24

Renowned artist Jasmine Sandlas has given her fans another reason to rejoice. Through a recent post on her social media, the singer shared the exciting news of her forthcoming EP titled ‘Rude’. Scheduled for an August 24 release, the project promises to be more than just music.

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The EP is believed to be a deep dive into various aspects of Jasmine’s life, offering listeners a candid glimpse into her experiences, emotions, and inspirations. While the exact content and tracklist remain under wraps, fans are eagerly anticipating a mix of raw, heartfelt tracks.

Jasmine’s loyal fanbase is buzzing with excitement, speculating on the themes and stories the EP might encompass. Given Sandlas’ reputation for authentic and soulful music, ‘Rude’ is expected to resonate with many.

Until the release, fans will be on the lookout for any teasers or sneak peeks the artist might share. The countdown to August 24 has officially begun, and the music world waits with bated breath for what promises to be a memorable addition to Jasmine Sandlas’ discography.

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