Jayy Randhawa To Bring India-Pakistan Together With His Upcoming Romantic Film, Details Inside

Jayy Randhawa, who has already won our hearts with the film Shooter, will soon amuse the audience with many other projects. He has a pile of movies in the pipeline. It includes Chobbar, Durlabh, Player, a romantic film, and many more. But what grabbed our attention is when Jayy, in an interview, revealed that he had been putting all his love, efforts, and hard work into his upcoming romantic film, which is based on a true story.

Yes, Jayy is gearing up for a romantic film. It seems like the actor is widening his wings in terms of acting. The film is based on the novel by Hind-Pak Bordernama. It is a Punjabi-language novel written by Indian author Nirmal Singh Nimma Langha. This is an autobiographical work based on Langha’s own love story. In the story, an Indian Sikh from Amritsar, India, lived in Langha in 1981. Naseema, a Muslim woman from Punjab, Pakistan, captured his heart. In the 1980s, Langha repeatedly crossed the Pakistan-India border to meet the girl without a visa or other authorization. Langha claims that Naseema also crossed the border once to travel to Delhi, Punjab, and India. Langha was captured by the Pakistani security service after 2.5 years. Naseema put in a valiant effort to secure Langha’s release and even secured Rs 4 lakh (US$5,000). The last time Langha saw Naseema was in 1986. Barbed wire fences were put up along the Pakistan-India border in 1988. After that, they stopped interacting.

Moreover, the story is very interesting and will surely bring India and Pakistan together. Also, this Punjabi-based novel will be available in Hindi. And Jayy also revealed that the makers of the film are trying to put their sweat and blood into making the film at a high level. He wished that the audience would love it and shower the immense love that they did for Veer Zara. The release date, title, and further details of the film are not yet out. But it is very close to the heart of actor Jayy Randhawa. Jayy Randhawa To Bring India-Pakistan Together With His Upcoming Romantic Film. Details Inside

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