Jazzy B Announced Their 16th Album With Dr Zeus, Born Ready (Jamandru Teyar)

Jazzy B brings Hollywood music to the Punjabi industry. He had a different impact on people with his Songs. Living Legend Give introduce our Punjabi community to Hollywood. From Jazzy B’s clothes, Hairstyle, and Shoes, Fans & Others in the industry started following his fashion.As we all know Jazzy B is so Inspired From Kuldeep Manak.

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He Used To Tell “Ustaad” To Kuldeep Manak . From Romeo ToJazzy B shared a post on his social media where he stated that he has completed 15 albums in his singing journey and the 16th album titled Born Ready ( Jamandru Tyar ) is ready and in it we get to see its artwork and videos in different ways.


Along with this, he also mentioned that the music has been done by Dr.Zeus, which has increased the excitement for the upcoming album. No information about the release of the album has been shared yet.As we Know Jazzy B never dissapoint us with his songs and music..again we have Big hopes from his 16th Album “Born Ready(Jamandru Tyar).

Check Out here List of All 16 Albums Of Jazzy B. From “Ghugian Da Jorra – The Canadian Spice” To “Born Ready ( Jamandru Tyar )

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