Ji Wife Ji – Another Laughter Rollercoaster On The Way , Release Date Details Inside

It is true that a wife plays an important role in any happy family. She comes into the in-laws family by leaving her father’s home and does a lot of adjustments. On the other side, we witness many jokes on husbands and wives which may be only for fun but we see a lot on social media. In this context, the upcoming movie comes with a very unique name “Ji Wife Ji” which gives numerous hints about the movie.

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The movie sounds like a husband is obeying his wife a lot in the movie and always says yes to her any kind of work. A wife sounds like a boss to a husband. Such kind of guess will be unveiled in the coming days once a teaser or trailer will be released. Further, the story might bring laughter through the quarrel of husband and wife.

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From the star cast of the movie, another guess that is coming out is there will be more than one couple and multiple stories of husbands obeying their wives. Anyhow, it will be a unique and beautiful story that the audience is waiting eagerly.Star cast of the film include Roshan Prince, Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgan, Harby Sangha, Sakshi Magoo, Nisha Banno, Ekta Gulati Khera, Sardar Sohi, Anita Shabdish, Malkeet Rauni, Lucky Dhaliwal, Peet Anand, Gurteg Guri, Jasmine Jassi, Deepika Aggarwal and many more.It is Ranjiv Singla Productions in association with The Arpina Business Ventures, produced by Ranjiv Singla and Punit Shukkla. Executive producer is Rajinder Kumar Gagahar and creative producer is Inder Bansal. The film is directed by Avtar Singh. Worldwide Distribution of the film will be done by Omjee Star Studios. The film is all set to release on 24 February, 2023.

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