“Kali Jota” Film Ft Neeru Bajwa & Satinder Sartaj Release Date Announced , Details Inside

In 2023 many film dates were announced by the director, actor and producer,” kali Jota” is one of them. The film is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and the starrer of the movie are Neeru Bajwa, Satinder Sartaj and Wamiki Gabbi. All three are very famous among the audience because of their acting skills. The film is being released on the 3rd of February.

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Firstly if we talk about Satinder Sartaj he is a Sufi singer who also worked in a film like The black prince which is just loved by their fans and now he is playing the main role in this film with the most popular actress Neeru Bajwa and Wamika Gabbi. They both are also on the list of top actresses.

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The film is being released in the cinema on 3 rd February and it is a love story which is written by Harinder kaur who is well known for her films Jall Wayu Enclave, Gudiya Patole, Munda hi chahida and many others. the music in this filmIs given by Beat Minister and produced by Neeru Bajwa entertainment and VH entertainment.

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The trio Neeru, Satinder Sartaj and Wamika Gabbi First time Worked together. Individually all three are very popular and most respected faces of our Punjabi industry. Hopely they also rock in the team because all three have very good acting skills. with the strong cast of Kali Jotta are expected to cross many records.

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