Karan Aujla About Collab Songs & Politics In Punjabi Industry

Punjabi singer Karan Aujla has released his latest EP “Four You” to massive response from his fans. During a live Instagram session with his fans, Aujla was asked about collaborating with fellow Punjabi artist Arjan Dhillon. Aujla responded that he was currently enjoying working on his own and that he wanted to focus on his solo career.

The singer also spoke about the politics present in the Punjabi music industry. Although Aujla did not specifically target Arjan Dhillon in his comments, he shed light on the issues faced by artists in the industry and the challenges they must overcome.

Despite the challenges, Aujla remains dedicated to his craft and continues to produce music that resonates with his fans. With the release of “Four You,” Aujla is showing the world that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Punjabi music industry.Fans of Karan Aujla and Punjabi music alike will undoubtedly be looking forward to more music from the talented singer. Whether he continues to work alone or collaborates with other artists, his music is sure to bring joy and excitement to listeners around the world.

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