Karan Aujla Clarifies His Stance on Viral Video Featuring Lawrence Bishnoi’s Brother

Canadian-Indian singer and songwriter Karan Aujla has recently issued a statement to clarify his stance on a viral video that allegedly featured the brother of Lawrence Bishnoi, the alleged killer of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. In the note posted on his official Instagram account, Aujla denied any knowledge of the individual in question and emphasized that he was solely focused on his performance at the wedding reception where the video was taken.


The controversy surrounding Aujla began when artist Sharry Maan posted a video of their joint performance at a function in Bakersfield, California. Netizens soon noticed a person resembling Bishnoi’s brother in the background of the clip and accused Aujla of associating himself with individuals involved in criminal activities.

In response, Aujla wrote, “I would never knowingly attend or associate myself with anything as such. Please, as a humble request, don’t involve me in these things.” He also explained that as an artist, he is not always aware of who attends the shows he performs at, and that he prefers to avoid wedding shows altogether to minimize the risk of such incidents.The statement has been well-received by Aujla’s fans, who praised him for his professionalism and integrity. Many also expressed their support for the artist, who has faced numerous controversies and legal issues in the past.The incident highlights the challenges faced by celebrities and public figures in the age of social media, where even a small detail or a vague association can spark a major controversy. It also underscores the importance of verifying information before making allegations or spreading rumors online.

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