Karan Aujla Denies Connection with AGTF Arrestee, Defends His Reputation on Social Media

Punjabi singer and songwriter Karan Aujla has released a statement on his social media accounts, vehemently denying any connection with a person recently arrested by the Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF). The statement comes after multiple media outlets linked Aujla’s name with the individual in question, sparking controversy and raising questions about the artist’s integrity.Aujla’s statement, posted on his official Instagram and Twitter pages, reads, “I would like to clarify that I have absolutely no connection or association with the person arrested by the AGTF. These false allegations are baseless, and I request everyone to not believe in any such rumors or gossip.”

The singer went on to express his disappointment with the media’s approach, stating, “It is disheartening to see how easily my name has been dragged into this situation without any solid evidence or proof. As a public figure, I understand that I am always under scrutiny, but it is crucial for media outlets to verify their sources and information before making such claims.”Aujla’s fans have shown their support for the artist on various social media platforms, commending him for addressing the issue head-on and defending his reputation. Many have criticized the media for spreading false information and urged them to exercise more caution in the future.


The AGTF has not released any official statement regarding Aujla’s involvement in the case, and it remains unclear how his name became associated with the arrest. The incident has, however, sparked a larger conversation about the responsibility of the media when reporting on celebrities and the potential impact of false allegations on individuals and their careers.As the story continues to unfold, Karan Aujla maintains his innocence and hopes that his fans and the general public will not be swayed by baseless rumors. The singer’s focus remains on his music, with his latest single receiving widespread acclaim and topping the charts.

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