Karan Aujla Praised Big Boss 16 Winner Mc Stan

Big boss 16 winner Mc stan is popular among the audience and currently rulings on the internet. Mc stan is a popular rapper from Mumbai who recently get a big boss 16 trophy. In the history of the big boss, he is the one who gets the highest vote. Not only do common people love him a lot but many singers and celebrities supported him.

Karan Aujla is one of them who likes Mc stan a lot and praises his personality that how he gets success with lots of hard work. moreover, when there was grand finale of big boss famous singer and rapper Karan Aujla supported him and he also expressed reviews about him that later get viral.

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Many other reports like Badshah, Ikka, Raftar, Divine and so many others support Mc Stan and through their videos, they praised him a lot.Also, Karan Aujla shared a video in which he said” MC Stan is a definition of nothing to self-made. even though he comes from a slum area but still did lots of hard work and today he not inspiring me, but the whole youth “.Karan also said to their audience by their story to support young rapper MC stan.

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