Karan Aujla’s ‘Admirin’ You’ to Collaborate with Canadian Music Junos Award, Confirmed by Director Rupan Bal

In a thrilling revelation for music enthusiasts, the chart-topping sensation Karan Aujla is poised to join forces with the prestigious Canadian Music Junos Award. The collaboration, confirmed by none other than the acclaimed video director Rupan Bal, is set to create a significant musical milestone.

Karan Aujla’s “Admirin’ You” has already taken the music scene by storm, earning accolades and praise from fans and critics alike. Its infectious beats and Aujla’s distinctive style have left an indelible mark in the industry. Now, the track is on the verge of an extraordinary fusion with the renowned Canadian Music Junos Award.


The revelation of this partnership was made even more exciting with the confirmation from video director Rupan Bal, who has been behind some of the most iconic music videos in the industry. Bal’s involvement in this project signifies a visual and artistic collaboration of immense proportions.

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