Karan Aujla’s ‘Admiring You’ Skyrockets to Canada’s Top Spot

In a significant achievement for the Punjabi music industry, singer Karan Aujla’s latest hit, ‘Admiring You’, has taken the Canadian music scene by storm. Cementing its position at the pinnacle, the track has earned the distinction of being the most popular song in Canada.

Karan Aujla who has consistently been churning out chart-toppers, has always expressed a desire to spread Punjabi music across global platforms. With ‘Admiring You’ clinching the top spot, it’s evident that his aspirations are quickly turning into reality.

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This success becomes even more noteworthy when considering the rich tapestry of global artists in the Canadian charts. Karan Aujla’s song stood out, surpassing many established Hollywood artists, showcasing the growing appeal of Punjabi rhythms and melodies on the international stage.

Collaborating with foreign rapper, Preston Pablo, the track boasts of an impressive 25 million views in just a few weeks of its release. The allure of ‘Admiring You’ isn’t just limited to its catchy tunes; it’s also its unique science fiction theme. Leveraging state-of-the-art VFX and technology, the music video offers a visual treat, resonating with a broad spectrum of audiences.

Fans of Karan Aujla have even more to look forward to. ‘Admiring You’ is the flagship song from his forthcoming album ‘Making Memories’, set to drop on 18th August. Given the current trajectory, it wouldn’t be surprising if more songs from this album follow suit and capture global attention.

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