Khao piyo aish karo Movie First Look

In the Punjabi industry, where one film after another is being announced, there is a long-awaited film called “Khao Piyo aish Karo”. Where we will see Ranjit Bawa and Tarsem Jassar in the lead roles. We have already seen this duo in a song on Rabb Da Radio 2. The first preview of the movie has been shared today in the form of a poster.The look of the poster represents the entertainment among people will see in this film and the appearance of Ranjit Bawa and Tarsem Jassar looks very different in it and besides this Jasmine Bajwa will be seen in this movie as well.


Apart from this, the entire starring of the film said about this film that this life is too short and it should be spend it laughing and eating. The film is directed by Kashitij Chaudhary.The trailer of this movie will be releasing on June 17 and this movie will be streaming in cinemas on July 1 2022.

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