“Lying Oods” Song By Happie Gill & Jass Out Now , Review Inside

The new song released is named “lying Odds” which is sung and written by Happie Gill X Jass, music by Gill Saab, video by Birring production and the female vocal is of Roop Sandhu.

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Firstly if we talk about this song it is just fabulous and based on a true story that happened in our society. There is a trend in Punjab that the boy got married to a girl who scored good band scores and after that boy send her abroad and spend a hefty amount of money.

But some girls forgot everything and just started their new life and did not call them and invited them. So the singer sang this in their song. Moreover, the lyrics of the song are very good.The singing skill of the singer is so good. Hopefully, you all like this song alit like us because the song is tuneful and based on the reality.

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