Maninder Buttar: Rising Star of Punjabi Music Carves His Own Path

Known for his soulful voice and evocative songwriting, Maninderjeet Singh Buttar, better known as Maninder Buttar, has etched a distinct mark in the Punjabi music scene. His rise to stardom has been notable, delivering hits like “Yaari,” “Sakhiyaan,” “Ik Tera,” “Pani Di Gal,” and “Laare” that have not only rocked the charts but also earned him a dedicated fan base.

Starting his career with the single “Naaran te sarkaran” in 2012, Buttar’s unique style and fresh approach to Punjabi music set him apart from the crowd. The artist truly began turning heads when his 2014 song “Yaari” got nominated for the “Most Popular Song” at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards.

However, it was the 2018 single “Sakhiyaan,” with over 489 million YouTube views, that catapulted Buttar into the big league. The song topped the Punjabi Most Popular charts on Gaana, proving his universal appeal. Buttar’s exceptional talent also extended to film soundtracks, as he demonstrated with the romantic number “Dil Nu” for the Punjabi movie “Oh My Pyo” in 2014.

Buttar’s success doesn’t stop at his solo work. His collaborations with other renowned artists such as Raftaar and Ammy Virk have further solidified his place in the industry. His track “Gall Goriye,” in collaboration with Raftaar, is a testament to his versatility and ability to create engaging music with other artists.

In 2019, his popularity was validated when Spotify included him among the most popular artists in Punjab, alongside Sidhu Moose Wala and Karan Aujla. Further cementing his position in the industry, Buttar released his debut studio album “#Jugni” in 2020. The album, with its beautiful mix of tracks, reflects his evolution as an artist.

His Bollywood debut with a remake of his own hit single “Sakhiyaan” for the movie “Bell Bottom” in 2021, proved that his talent transcends boundaries. Collaborating with Zarah Khan on the track, he once again showcased his skills as a composer and singer.

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From delivering chart-topping singles to producing a critically acclaimed album and breaking into Bollywood, Maninder Buttar’s journey is a testament to his hard work and talent. With a knack for creating music that resonates with a wide audience and a relentless drive to evolve his craft, Buttar is indeed a rising star in Punjabi music, continually carving out his path to greater heights.

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