Manisha Gulati’s petition dismissed by High Court

We all know about Manisha Gulati who was the former chairperson of the Punjab women’s commission and the authority announced to dismissal of her from his seat.

moreover, now she receive a big blow from the high court of Punjab and Haryana to dismiss the petition of Manisha Gulati, who was removed from the post of chairperson.

it should be said that she was removed from his post as a chairperson by the Punjab government in the past, which was challenged by Manisha Gulati and has been dismissed by the high court.

furthermore, the government has issued a notification withdrawing an increase in the tenure of Manish Gulati with immediate effect. This increase was done on 18 September 2020 by the then-chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

before this, the higher authority dismissed her from his chairmanship in February 2023. the state government also claim that the tenure of the chairperson of the Punjab state commission for women cannot be extended.

that time Manisha Gulati challenged that decision held by the government of Punjab and Haryana court, after this, the state government cancelled the issued order and removed him from the chairperson. now the petition of Gulati was dismissed by the high court.

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