Manleen Rekhi: Chandigarh’s Musical Sensation Takes Punjabi Beats Global!

Manleen Rekhi is swiftly making her name in the Punjabi music industry, and her trajectory over the past four years is a testament to her talent and dedication.

Beginning her musical journey a mere four years ago, Rekhi has already graced the music scene with six original Punjabi tracks. Some of these have been independent releases, while others were collaborations with renowned labels and channels.

While her initial foray into the world of music saw her embracing traditional Punjabi sounds, her recent endeavors reflect a more modern taste. Her current tracks, infused with the beats of pop and hip hop, showcase the evolution of her musical style, much to the delight of her growing fanbase.

It’s worth noting the caliber of artists she has collaborated with recently. Joining forces with industry stalwarts like Byg Byrd, Amantej Hundal, and Jay Trak, Rekhi has ensured that her music reaches a wider audience, and her sound remains fresh and contemporary.

Beyond the recording studio, Rekhi has proven her mettle as a live performer. Her performances span across India and even reach the shores of Canada. Whether it’s Melas, Concerts, or Weddings, Rekhi’s versatile range, covering Punjabi, Indie, Bollywood, and Sufi tunes, ensures she resonates with a broad spectrum of listeners.As Manleen Rekhi continues her musical journey, her dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds places her as one of the promising artists to watch out for in the Punjabi music realm.

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