Meta fires another 10,000 employees, CEO Zuckerberg says new hiring will resume after layoffs complete

it is big news for you all that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said to employees in a message that” we can plan to reduce the size of our team by approximately 10000 people and close approximately 5000 additional open roles.

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also on Tuesday, he announced a second round of Layoffs. however, 4 months ago the company also fired 11000 of their workers. now again they plan to reduce the team. on which they are not made any appointments yet.

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the layoff is part of a broader restructuring exercise at Metta. moreover, this will see the company adjust the level which will also see the organisational structure.

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this also cancels low-priority projects and reduce the staff number and declined staff member. also it helps to reduce its cost. the news of the layoff lifted meta shares by 2 per cent in pre-market trading.

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furthermore, Meta spends a hefty amount of money billions of dollars to build an innovative multiverse that is now suffering from inflation and rising interest rate.

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Meta first made a public layoff in its 18-year history in November and now cutting its workforce by 13%. it plans to have 86,482 employees by the end of 2022 and up to 20% from 2021.

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