“Mining” Movie Announced Ft Singga, Sara Gurpal, Vikram Singh, Sweetaj Brar and Pardeep Rawat , Details Inside

It is news for you all that the movie “Mining” will be released on 28th April 2023. the main role in this movie is done by Singga, Sara Gurpal, Vikram Singh, Sweetaj Brar and Pardeep Rawat.the film” Mining” is written and directed by Simranjit Singh Hundal. Moreover, the producers of this film are Vikram Singh, Uday Singh and Gauri Agrawal.firstly if we talk about Singga, he is a famous singer who is well known for his song Photo, same same, Sheh, Ik supna, Wardat and so many others. he is not only a singer but also an actor who played a role in the movie Kade haan kade naa, Ziddi jaat and many more.

he is a well-known personality who always comes up with something new. on the other hand if we talk about Sara Gurpal. she is also a famous model who works on many songs like Nachne nu g karda,horra nu, Desi Katta while also did a film like Dangar doctor Jelly, Shava ni Gardhari lal and ghoda Dhai Kadam.

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he unique thing about this film is it is not only produced in Punjabi cinema or Hindi cinema but also Telugu and Tamil languages.all actors who worked in this film is already done many other films and have famous personalities.in addition, the writer also wrote and directed other films like Jatt boys, Putt jattan de, and 25 killed hope like us you all are very excited about this movie and surely like other films this also movie rock in the cinema.

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