“Moh” to Hit Theaters Again! Director Jagdeep Sidhu Confirms Re-Release of Emotional Punjabi Drama Starring Sargun Mehta and Gitaz Bindrakhia”

After receiving an overwhelming response from the audience, the director of the critically acclaimed Punjabi film Moh, Jagdeep Sidhu, has finally announced its re-release in theatres. The movie starring Sargun Mehta and Gitaz Bindrakhia had earlier garnered immense appreciation for its heart-wrenching storyline and powerful performances.

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Fans of Punjabi cinema and emotional drama can now rejoice as they get a chance to relive the journey of Moh on the big screen once again. The decision comes after the director hinted at the possibility of a re-release due to popular demand.

With an official stamp on the announcement, audiences can gear up to experience the magic of Moh all over again. So mark your calendars and get ready to witness the beautiful story unfold on the silver screen.

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