Movie Review – ” Lekh “

Direction – The director of this film is Manvir Brar done a marvellous job with this film. Judging by the story of the film, its direction must be appreciated by the people. Brar puts the efforts towards story and execution on screen was a mind blowing job which helps audience to understand story more easily.

STORY – The story of the film is different from all regular films realeasing in pollywood and why not its written by “Jagdeep Sidhu” who already impress us with Qismat series. It shows everything from where each of us would have made our first love during school days and from meeting him secretly at school and watching a movie with her on school bunk, as it relates to the young students of almost every school. Kaka Kautki Play role of gurnam’s Father in where mother character is shown as a motherless child

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BGM (BACKGROUND MUSIC) & Songs – None of the scenes in this movie let the audience be disappointed. Gurnam Bhullar’s and Tania reunion scene made everyone cry.The songs sing in this movie were written by Janni who create buzz in this movie and singer B Prak also won the hearts of the audience with his excellent singing & at the end of the movie a surprise song which is sung by Afsana which give full justice to movie.


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Dialogues and Acting – We first saw Gurnam Bhullar as a school student whose character he played very well and tania’s acting also won’s people heart’s with her Fabulous acting . Kaka Kautki as he is no longer with us but this character of his life cannot be forgoten from the role he played in this film. While Kaka Kautki’s and Gurnam bhullar juggling made the audience laugh a lot, & Wait wait wait …….Ammy Virk’s surprise entry in the movie and the conversation with Tania made people emotional.

So overall this movie is given a must-watch tag by us. Hopefully, this film will break the record of Pollywood films and will be liked more by the people. Congratulations to the entire star cast & team of the film from Team Panjabiyat.

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