Movie Review : Moh Jagdeep Sidhu, Sargun Mehta, And Gitaz Bindrakhia Prove That There Is Beauty In Tragedy

One of masterpiece in Punjabi Industry ’Moh’ is released. And now we are going to explain how this is a Masterpiece. Gitaaz bindrakhiya and sargun mehta starrer Moh movie is directed by Jagdeep sidhu and Written by shiv tarsem singh & Goving singh.This is a Story of 12th standard student Rabbi aka Gitaz Bindrakhiya who fell in love with Gore aka Sargun Mehta who is much elder than him and already married. However they both fell in love but due to the societal pressure and their age gap they kept it secret.But after a turning point their ways got separated. Did they meet again and confessed their love or not this is the story all about.

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Direction : Punjabi industry’s one of the biggest director Jagdeep Sidhu is a pilot of this ship. Or we can say he is incharge of this masterpiece called ‘Moh’. Under his direction this movie concept set a different milestone fir punjabi industry. This movie is a perfect example of perfect Direction.

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Story and Dialogues: Story of this movie is written by Shiv Tarsem singh and govind Singh. Jagdeep sidhu is also involved in this section. This is a very unique and dark story concept and its dialogues are quite remarkable according to the concept.

Visuals: This movie’s setup is based in punjabi village and Dalhousie. So according to the story its visuals are very promising. Specially the drone shots are quite impressive. Every visual is upto the mark for its screenplay discription.

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BGM & Songs: This is quite tense story and its BGM is also very compatible with the story. Specially the voice of Bpraak in emotional scenes. This stoty touches heart and its possible because of its BGM. On the other hand movie songs are already winning hearts of millions. Songs like Mere Kol by Bpraak & Afsana Khan, Meri Zuban by Bpraak, Jaani & kamal khan, Sab kujh by Bpraak and Salooq by Bpraak are already quite famous before the movie release.

Acting : We all know Gitaz Bindrakhiya as an amazing Singer but this is his debute movie and according to his first appearance on big screen he really did a hard work on his character. From Rabbi’s innocence to speaking style and body language he worked on every single aspect of this character. And he didn’t left a single chance no not win the audience. On the other hand Sargun mehta played very bold and different shades of a single character. She did a daring role and set a new level of acting in punjabi industy. Supporting artists like Amrit Amby, Prabh bains, prakash gadhu, anita meet and balraj sidhu played very important characters in story and they played very well.

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Conclusion: However this movie is based on dark and rare concept but punjabi cinema should definitely make more content based on these kind of concepts. This is a Drama and emotional story of two lovers. Considering this as a Masterpiece you should definitely watch this movie once.

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