Movie Trailer – “LEKH” Review

The upcoming Punjabi film “Lekh”is directed by Manvir Brar and written by Jagdeep Sidhu, who is well known for his romantic successfull films Likes Qismat (2018) and Qismat 2 (2021). The trailer of Lekh show Gurnam Bhullar and Tania performing as school children chracter named Rajveer and Ronak. Jagdeep Sidhu shared the trailer on Instagram, writing, “Shiv-Bani, Sukha- Ranno, Teg-Jeet ….. introducing Ronak- Rajveer.”, indicating that the film will be a romantic drama, like the earlier stories written by him.

The love story of the couple begins as we see Rajveer being completely smitten by Ronak and almost falling off his bicycle on seeing her “Uff yeh Pyaar Moment”. He stalks her secretly and we see the both of them spend time together. Ronak learns how to ride a bicycle and is effervescent as a young girl.

Gurnam Bhullar has lost oodles of weight for his role in the film and seems to have completely transformed himself for the role. Other actors in the film include Nirmal Rishi, Harman Dhaliwal, Harman Brar, and Kaka Kautki, who died last year. The story, screenplay and dialogues are done by Jagdeep Sidhu where the music done by B Praak and lyrics by Jaani. The film is set to be released in theatres on 1 April 2022. Our team wishes best luck to whole “Lekh” star cast and team for this project.

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