“Nakhra” Song By Preety Panesar , Review Inside

As we all know the Punjabi industry is booming day by day , not in Punjab but in the whole world people like to listen to Punjabi music. our music and artist give full fun to the audience by giving new songs and new concepts.

so here is Punjabi singer Preety Panesar who coming with her new release, the song Nakhra, which is written by Vicky Dhaliwal and the music done by Kill Banda Music.

Preety Panesar is a fabulous singer who always comes up with new music and new concept that is liked by people a lot, in this song too she did her job in a very fascinating way. From dressing sense to video everything is very interesting.

so firstly if we talk about her dresses, There were approx 6-7 Outfits in her video, In starting she wears a suit and in the middle, she wears a one-piece with a blazer which looked very cool and beautiful. Her wardrobe collection is so unique because in her every song and video she wears very marvellous clothes which enhance her personality more.

IMG 6109

Not only her way of carrying clothes is attractive in this song but the locations also look so royal and appealing, as the video is done by the Big Stone Studio who always impressively do their work. Moreover, there is one scene in the video where she dances in the hotel’s building that location and her dance moves in the video are osm, no one can able to ignore both things.so the overall work of every team member is so appreciable, hope like us you also love this song

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