Naseeb Opens Up About Sidhu Moosewala Conflict and Old-School Song in Chai With T Podcast

It’s always exciting when an artist who has captured the attention and hearts of millions worldwide, like rapper Naseeb, shares their stories and experiences. In a recent conversation withTarannum Thind on the popular podcast “Chai With T”, Naseeb did just that. The podcast, which has seen appearances by big names like Neeru Bajwa and Robyn Sandhu, Harp Sohal delved into Naseeb’s journey and his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Tarannum Thind with her impeccable skills of coaxing insightful responses from her guests, has indeed become a master of the podcast format. Tarannum Thind commitment to delivering a clear, comprehensive line of questioning keeps the audience hooked, as she intricately unwraps the layers of her guests’ experiences. Her dedicated work ethic and determination have not only impressed fans but also helped her make a mark in the podcasting world.

In this episode, Naseeb spoke about his passion for old-school music. He reflected on the charm and appeal of this music genre, which many contemporary musicians, including him, draw inspiration from. However, one of the highlights of the conversation was when he addressed the long-standing issue of song contact disputes and his tussle with fellow rapper Sidhu.

Naseeb recounted the events leading up to their conflict, shedding light on some of the less known aspects of their relationship. He said that if given a chance, he would sit down with Sidhu to sort out their misunderstandings, highlighting his desire for reconciliation. This moment of candid confession displayed Naseeb’s maturity and willingness to settle differences for the sake of music.

His words will undoubtedly resonate with his fans, who have been eagerly waiting for both rappers to set aside their differences and possibly collaborate on future projects. It is moments like these that make the podcast ‘Chai With T’ a must-watch, not only for the fans of the guests who appear but also for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the personalities and dynamics of the music industry.

The episode is yet another testament to Tarannum Thind’s dedication towards her craft and Naseeb’s honesty as an artist. Listeners and fans eagerly await more such revealing conversations in future episodes of “Chai With T”.

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