Navjot Siaan Announces ‘Restless Emotions’ Album via Parmish Verma’s Sda Studios: Release Date Revealed

Acclaimed Punjabi singer and songwriter Navjot Siaan has announced the upcoming release of his new album, “Restless Emotions”. The album, which will feature four songs, will be released under Parmish Verma’s label, Sda Studios, on the 21st of June, 2023.”Restless Emotions” is a collection of songs written entirely by Navjot Siaan himself, embodying his poetic prowess and skillful lyricism. The tracklist includes “Praise”, “Emotions”, “Restless”, and “Taare”, which hint at a range of experiences and sentiments, sure to resonate with listeners.


Adding a touch of musical sophistication to the album, Karan Bhatia has helmed the music production. Known for his eclectic compositions, Bhatia’s collaboration with Navjot Siaan is highly anticipated, as they have promised to explore new sonic territories in Punjabi music through this album.

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Monty Sharma, who is responsible for the visual representation of the album, has directed the music videos. Sharma’s reputation for crafting compelling and aesthetically pleasing visuals is well-known in the industry. With this in mind, fans can look forward to immersive and innovative music videos that perfectly align with the emotional undertone of the album.Sda Studios, the label spearheaded by Parmish Verma, will be presenting this album. The label has always been known for its association with quality music and has always encouraged artists to present their authentic selves. With “Restless Emotions”, Navjot Siaan continues this tradition, promising an album full of raw emotion and lyrical depth.

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As we await the release of “Restless Emotions”, the anticipation among fans and music lovers is building. Will Navjot Siaan’s album be the soundtrack of the summer? With its impending release on the 21st of June, we will soon find out.

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