Neeru Bajwa Music Unveils Upcoming Romantic Ballad ‘Be Mine’ by Baaz Dhaliwal

Renowned actress and producer Neeru Bajwa, whose exemplary work in films such as ‘Usa Kali Jotta’, ‘Atte Di Chidi’, and ‘Jatt and Juliet’ earned her significant recognition, is once again in the limelight for her venture into the music industry. Neeru Bajwa Music, her own label, is all set to release a new romantic single, titled “Be Mine.”Since the label’s inception, Bajwa has been committed to using her platform to support emerging talent in the industry. The first song released under her label, “SHUKAR KARAAN,” a religious track, received overwhelming response from the audience, cementing the label’s presence in the music scene. Now, Neeru Bajwa Music is gearing up for its next release, a romantic ballad written and performed by Baaz Dhaliwal. Female vocalist in song is Ramneek

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“Be Mine,” with its captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics, is anticipated to be another successful release. The song features the soulful voice of Baaz Dhaliwal, who has not only sung the song but also penned its lyrics. Dhaliwal’s previous work has been well-received by listeners, and this upcoming song is expected to strike a similar chord.Amarjot Kaur, another promising artist, will be featured in this song, adding her own unique touch to the track. The music for “Be Mine” has been composed by Mercy, whose previous compositions have been highly appreciated by music enthusiasts.

The project is spearheaded by Sharry Pabla, who has previously collaborated with Neeru Bajwa Music for successful projects. Pabla’s past experience in directing and producing music videos will ensure “Be Mine” delivers an unforgettable audio-visual experience to its audience.

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Although the release date for “Be Mine” is yet to be announced, the anticipation is palpable among fans. The team behind the song has shared a romantic poster for the single, stoking excitement for the upcoming release.Neeru Bajwa Music continues to break new ground in the music industry, bringing fresh voices to the fore and introducing new rhythms to the listeners. With the release of “Be Mine,” the label is sure to keep the momentum going, contributing significantly to the evolving landscape of music.

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Santosh Subhash Thite is a notable figure in the entertainment industry, best known for his collaborations with renowned actress and producer, Neeru Bajwa. Acting as her manager and co-producer in several successful film projects, Thite has demonstrated remarkable acumen in project management and film production. His partnership with Bajwa has not only yielded a string of hits, but also contributed significantly to the growth of Punjabi cinema. Thite’s ability to spot talent, manage resources efficiently, and guide projects to fruition sets him apart in the competitive world of entertainment.

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