Ninja Takes Stand Against Fraud, Affirms Only In-Person Signatures Are Legal

In a significant move to protect his reputation and legal standing, the acclaimed artist Ninja has issued a stern public notice against the fraudulent use of his name in contractual agreements. Addressing his fans and associates through a widely broadcasted statement, Ninja declared that only those contracts which bear his signature, signed in his own physical presence, will be recognized as legally binding.

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This declaration comes amidst reports that certain individuals or entities have been engaging in unauthorized signings, claiming false affiliations or endorsements from Ninja. By setting the record straight, Ninja aims to curb any potential misuse of his name and brand, which could mislead fans and tarnish his image.

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In the public notice, Ninja emphasized his commitment to transparency and integrity in all his professional dealings. He expressed concern over the deceitful practices and made it clear that he has not and will not authorize any agreements without his direct involvement.

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The notice serves as a warning to those who might be involved in such fraudulent activities, signaling that Ninja is prepared to take legal action against any party that engages in or propagates such deception. It also reassures his partners and collaborators of the legitimacy and seriousness with which he approaches all his professional commitments.

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