Ninja’s Celebrate Their 4th Marriage Anniversary With His Wife , Video Inside

Punjabi singer Ninja is very famous in punjabi entertainment industry. He have earned lot of fans through his singing. People love his songs and his live singing as well. Well today is his marriage anniversary, he shared a post on his Instagram with her wife Jasmeet.

There is a saying that there’s always a women behind the success of a men. Ninja thinks the same he says her wife is the reason for his success. You may have heard about lots of love stories but this is real and quite a touching one. Let us tell you their marriage is a love marriage, they fell in love and got married.

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Ninja opened up about his love life in an interview, he told all about it. This love story begin from a text by jasmeet, she was the one who proposed Ninja, isn’t it romantic. She told herself that Ninja was her teacher from Gidha and Bhangra training in college where she fell in love with him and texted him a proposal.

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It is an content feeling when the loved ones support each other and just like that jasmeet supported Ninja throughout the journey till his success and they are still together. His biggest breakthrough was song “Aadat”, people love this song and still listen it. People say that a women shouldn’t proposed someone first, however jasmeet did quite the opposite she proposed Ninja said “i love you” through a text. When there is love then it doesn’t matter who takes first step.

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Happy marriage anniversary to Ninja and Jasmeet from our sirf panjabiyat team, we wish you infinity of togetherness, success and happiness.

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