“OK Report” Song Release Date Announced Ft Jyotica Tangri & Sachin Ahuja , Details Inside

Finally, the long “ok goodbye” date is released which is the 10th of January which is composed and produced by Sachin Ahuja. As we all knowSongs play a paramount role in everyone’s life or we said it is a stressbuster after which one can get relief and feel relaxed.

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The song is sung by Jyotika Tangri, written by Chetan Bandhan and the main lead by Aman Singh Deep, moreover, the title of the song is “ok goodbye”A few days earlier Ahuja also put in their story goodbye but at that time it is not known that it is a song people also start assuming what is the reason behind this but now it is clear that it was his new song.Firstly if we talk about Sachin Ahuja he is a music composer and also he sang many songs like Jaan Jaan, Mirza and many others.So now the date of releasing the song is also announced hope like us you all are very excited.

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