Parents of Sidhu visit UK Houses of Parliament , Video Inside

In Punjab, crime is inclining day by day, the gangster gives the threat of death many singers, actor and even if we talk about Legend Sidhu Moosewala he was also killed by gangsters on 29th May. his parents Balkaur Singh Sidhu and Charan Kaur want justice for their son’s death but the police and government are not able to take quick action even after 6 months.

However, the parents of Subhdeep went to the UK in March and today they give an interview to British India TV.In India in his speech, they said to the public and the government that if the police not arrested the gangster soonly and do not give them punishment then we will go to a foreign country and never come back to India. moreover, in his interview with British India tv Sidhu’s father tell that there were 6 gangsters and everyone have 445,30 pistols and even had guns that were imported from America and had a Russian Weapon, AK 47.

After this, he also talked about the government that when there was an election in Punjab they gave 21 to 22 bodyguards to our son but after the election, they declined their security and even there was one time when Sidhu’s have only two guards, not only they taken his security this but administration viral this news on social media that they take the security of many famous people and Sidhu was one of them.

Balkar Singh Sidhu also said in parliament that even though they did not know who slaughtered his son and why he kill him because his son did not have any fault, however, The police issued a red corner on Goldi and now it is becoming more crowded than when I came here because the scandal is also rampant and if still, the government does not take action I will go to every country for justice

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