Pari Pandher Revives Punjab’s Essence with Her Upcoming Album ‘1996’ – Set to Release on 25th September

Pari Pandher, a name that has become synonymous with a unique musical style, is set to enchant listeners once again. This time, she’s weaving the magic with her much-anticipated album, “1996”, scheduled for release on 25th September. With each song dedicated to the vibrant culture of Punjab, Pandher takes us on a nostalgic journey back in time.

Pari Pandher Revives Punjab's Essence with Her Upcoming Album '1996' - Set to Release on 25th September

“1996”, as the title suggests, isn’t just a year – it encapsulates a time of cultural richness and the spirit of Punjab. With 7 tracks in the album, Pari aims to share a piece of her heart and the essence of Punjab with her audience.

Track Insights:

  1. 96 Flow Drenched in Punjabi vibes, this song, with lyrics and composition by the renowned @buntybains and production by @mxrcibeats, promises a rhythm that stays.
  2. Malwain Another Bunty Bains masterpiece, produced by @mxrcibeats, “Malwain” seems to be a nod to the Malwa region of Punjab.
  3. Countless (feat. @armaandhillon1) Featuring Armaan Dhillon, this track speaks volumes with its melodious tunes. The collaboration with @starboymusicx as the producer hints at a foot-tapping number.
  4. LC Penned and composed by @mandeepmaavi, with @desi_crew working their production magic, “LC” is anticipated to be a hit amongst Punjabi music aficionados.
  5. In-Laws With a title like “In-Laws”, curiosity is certainly piqued. Once again, we see the Bunty Bains and @desi_crew collaboration, making us eagerly await the story this track has to tell.
  6. Combo A perfect blend of @ravhanjra’s lyrical genius and @mxrcibeats’ mesmerizing production, “Combo” assures a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary sounds.
  7. ### ###### The mystery surrounding the title only adds to the allure. With @buntybains at the helm of lyrics and composition, this track is sure to surprise.

Brought to you by @speedrecords, the album “1996” is a testament to Pari Pandher’s commitment to her roots and her unique style. As we inch closer to the release date, the excitement among fans is palpable. Get ready for a musical journey that celebrates Punjab in all its glory.

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