Parmish Verma and Paradox’s ‘Check It Out’ Hits the 22nd Spot on Billboard India Charts

Parmish Verma and Paradox have taken the Indian music scene by storm with their collaborative track, ‘Check It Out’. Released on June 27th, the song has achieved an impressive milestone by making its mark on the renowned Billboard India Charts. Occupying the 22nd spot, it is a testament to the song’s massive popularity among listeners.

Ever since its release, ‘Check It Out’ has been a favorite on various audio platforms and has seen a surge in its trend on Instagram reels. The song’s catchy tune and engaging lyrics have played a pivotal role in its success. Fans and music enthusiasts have praised both artists for their unique blend of rhythms and styles.

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This recognition on Billboard further cements Parmish Verma and Paradox’s place in the contemporary music scene, showcasing their ability to produce tracks that resonate not just locally, but globally. It’s a proud moment for the Indian music industry, proving once again its capability to churn out chart-topping numbers that make waves on prestigious platforms like Billboard.

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